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Throughout the year we will offer supplemental training and equipping speciffic to needs of our church. These are usually 1-2 day events to be immersed in a topic and equipped for Kingdom Advancement 



Price Per Room - $150

Price Per Person (Not Staying Over Night) - $35


Story of God Immersion FAQs


What is the Story of God Immersion?

Our Story of God Immersion is a two-day event where we will walk through the overall narrative of God. As disciples of Jesus, we believe it is important to know God’s redemptive story and how our lives are part of that story. It is our hope that this event will help you to learn more about God’s character and empower you to live out our calling as a disciple that makes disciples.


Where will the Immersion take place?

We will be staying at Snowbird Resort in Little Cottonwood Canyon. Further details will be sent out upon registration.


What time will the Immersion take place?
Check in as early as 4:00 pm.
First session is at 6:30pm.


Are children welcome, and will childcare be provided?

Yes, children are welcome to join us for this event! We will be asking parents of young children to each take a short session watching the children throughout the two days. This allows us to share the responsibility of caring for the children without any one person being pulled away from the discussions for a majority of the time.


Are meals provided?

Yes, breakfast and lunch on Saturday will be provided. We will also have snacks and drinks for between sessions. Dinner Friday night is not provided, so please plan to eat before you arrive.  


What if I want to come for sessions but not stay overnight?

The cost of the event for anyone who would like to join but not stay the night is $35. Food will be provided for you.